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Custom Home Building

Your vision of the perfect dream home is our inspiration to make your dream come to life. We will work so closely with you during the construction process, that we may begin to finish each other's thoughts and sentences. 

All details and aspects of the build are monitored and regular progress updates are communicated. Our decades of construction experience building luxury homes translates into the wisdom to ensure the level of quality you expect and that will last a lifetime.

When your vision is combined with our expertise, the results are sure to inspire and satisfy.

Transparency is the key to a financial success in any project. Kelly’s background and education is in Finance and Accounting. That translates to you, the owner, benefitting in wholesale pricing for ALL goods and services provided in the home building process. The industry tends to “mark up” and “double tip” when it comes to the luxury home market. By using a controlled Construction Disbursement Service Company and negotiating pricing through a competitive bid process, you, the owner, get the best price possible in the market place.





Home Remodel

If you love your home, but it seems to need a facelift or modernizing, a larger garage or some other addition, then a remodel may be in order.

With the same experienced craftsmen and their dedication to perfection, your home remodel project will receive the same attention to detail as if we were remodeling our own home. 

From start to finish, our team will handle all the details, reporting and communicating so you can relax and expect an on time and on budget project that will bring smiles to everyone.




Real Estate Services

Kelly Copeland Realty - Kelly Copeland, Broker

Looking to buy a home? Or are you ready to sell your home? Our Real Estate division uses the internet for advertising your home for sale as well as finding buyers for your current home. 

Our customer serivce is our hallmark! Let us handle the the legwork of quickly finding your buyer or finding your new home. The next step will be the closing!




Real Estate Investors

If you are an Investor and looking at the attractive ROI that real estate offers, then look no further for an experienced team to achieve the rate of return you expect.

The 'fix-n-flip' process works best when your construction partner is an experienced home builder. 




Construction Consulting

For those who need a 'management specialist' to be a liaison between contractors and owners, our decades of experience managing the building of luxury homes will ensure that your project will be coordinated well and completed on time.




Property Management

We can put all of our training and expertise to work for you to maximize your property investment and experience. From internet marketing to screening of all tenants, including maintenance and repairs, our property managment division is dedicated to asset protection and revenue enhancement.


Custom New Home Building
Real Estate Services
Real Estate Investor Services
Construction Consulting
Property Management Services
Home Remodeling Services
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