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Kelly's work has been featured in the Street of Dreams. Click here for the Arizona Star article.
He was also featured in 'Builder/Architect magazine. Click here for this great article.
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland
Luxury Homebuilder, Kelly Copeland

Having known, and been a client of, Kelly Copeland's for more than 15 years I have three basic observations:   
1)  If you want to have a pleasurable experience in building a new home or adding on to an existing one --- use Copeland Construction    2) If you want a quality product at a fair price--- use Copeland Construction   3)  If you want to have a building project that will be on time and on budget --- use Copeland Construction.


                                                                                                   - Ed Slowik, CEO
                                                                                                     Executive Search




Kelly Copeland goes the extra mile.  The service, patience and understanding and careful attention to detail is unusual in today's hyper construction market.  Kelly Copeland takes the time to get it done correctly.


                                                                                                   - Jerry Caldari,
                                                                                                    Bromley Caldari Architects, PC




Kelly built our Tucson home 15 years ago.  What's been most important is his "lifetime" commitment to keeping our home fresh and trouble free for all of these years.  His responsiveness to any issue regarding our home 15 years later is remarkable and greatly appreciated.


                                                                                                   - Carol and Jerry Levin, CEO,




I have worked with Kelly Copeland for several years now.  I have always found him to be reliable, trustworthy, easily accessible and honest.  He also builds a fantastic product.


                                                                                                 - James Turpin,
                                                                                                  Title Security Agency




Kelly Copeland is an excellent builder. I was extremely pleased with his attention to detail and his desire to "do it right".  Kelly's communication skills and responsiveness made life easy for a "long-distance" Architect. His honesty and integrity are beyond question.  I look forward to our next project together.


                                                                                                  - Timothy D. Smith, Principal,
                                                                                                    Timothy D. Smith & Associates Architects




Kelly Copeland's initiative and work ethic has given him an excellent reputation throughout Tucson.  His attention to every detail during construction makes the finished project come together smoothly.  I have always appreciated working with Kelly and look forward to continuing our business relationship.


                                                                                                    - Lori Carroll,
                                                                                                      Lori Carroll & Associates Interior Design




I have been in the construction business as a subcontractor for 13 years and have worked with Kelly almost the entire time.  I have worked with a lot of builders over the years and many of them are excellent, but the one thing that sets Kelly apart is his commitment to his customers and his subcontractors.  Kelly understands that in order to build a high quality home, he only works with the best subcontractors and treats them exceptionally well.  Kelly is able to create the best house for his customers because the workers he employs believe in him and they go the extra mile to make his homes a step above the rest.  I believe this loyalty, from the people who are building the home, is what provides his customers one of the best experiences and highest quality homes around.


                                                                                                     - Chad Berg, President,
                                                                                                       Northwest Exterminating Co.
                                                                                                      Managing Member, Northwest Landscaping

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